The Norwegian Language Council (1972–2004)

Norsk språkråd (The Norwegian Language Council) is the Norwegian government's advisory body in matters pertaining to the Norwegian language and language planning.

The Norwegian Language Council aims to

  • protect the cultural heritage represented by the Norwegian written and spoken language, promote initiatives to increase the knowledge of the Norwegian language, its history and distinctive quality, promote tolerance and mutual respect among all users of Norwegian in its different varieties, and protect the rights of each citizen with regard to the use of the Norwegian language.
  • give advice to the authorities in matters pertaining to the Norwegian language, in particular as regards the use of Norwegian in schools, in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and in government bodies, submit statements on the principles of codification of the written language and place names, and propose legal measures in matters regarding the Norwegian language,
  • give advice and guidance to the general public,
  • promote and participate in Nordic cooperation for language cultivation, and
  • make the results of its work publicly known.

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